Lasers blind pilots in Russia

A FREE aviation English vocabulary and comprehension lesson on the topic of lasers blinding pilots in Russia. You will learn the words heard in the report at the beginning of the video. You will then listen to the report while reading the important points of the story.

3 comments On Lasers blind pilots in Russia

  • Hi! everyone…
    I´am an air traffic controller and a pilot too here in Bolivia South America.
    This lessons and practices are very useful for both Pilots and Atcos.
    I¨m trying to get some money in order to pay the material offered.
    I will send suggestions in one of these days Ok?
    Thank you again!!!!

    • Hi Salvador,
      Thanks for your great comments about all the free material I’m providing on this blog. It’s great to hear what a real air traffic controller thinks.
      In a few days you’ll be able to buy our new aviation English course “PIE” for only €16.50 per month. I’ll announce it all subscribers to this blog and
      I hope you can wait, and I hope this information is helpful.

  • Hi, i’m a pilot from Brazil South America, and here we have those problems with lasers too, once i was flying at night and someone on the ground targeted those lasers on me and the other pilot, we were on final approach, it could have provided an accident. Its is becoming usually because its easy to get one of this lasers by website shops.
    Thanks for the subject ! I will keep reading.

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