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Quito Landing

Watch the video and then read the description below. Would you describe it the same way?

The plane is descending through low broken cloud. The high rises of Quito city in Ecuador can be seen below. There is a stadium to the right and there are either mountains or volcanoes in the distance. The airport seems to be in the middle of the city. The runway is very short with no room for an overshoot.

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  1. Sarkhan Maharramov

    As its shown in the video,aircraft is desennding stage,and aircraft flying either over the city and mountains.I wanna note that ,at one moment aircraft flew so close to the mouintain,its so danger to be closer to the aircraft approached to teh ground,the aircraft was seen very faster.and when passenger took video,there was stadium in the city,and wing mechanism was operated,exactly spoylers,ailerons

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