Interview with an Air Traffic Controller part 1

Alan from is interviewing Jett Green, an air traffic controller, about his career and experiences. In Part 1 he is talking about how it all began, working in the military and a few challenges that he encountered.
Here is a list of some vocabulary that you will hear in the video, that may not be familiar to you.

wealth of – a lot of
mishaps – mistakes that often lead to accidents
fad – a temporary fashion
risky endeavor – an action that could be dangerous
dedicated – committed, to have a goal
components – parts
cartwheel – to roll sideways wing over wing
formation – working as a team with good coordination
tag it – label it
connect with the audience – to feel that the people are really listening
modest – not vain, doesn’t like to admit the great benefits of his work


Would the mishap that Jett mentioned in this interview change your life?

6 comments On Interview with an Air Traffic Controller part 1

  • thank you for your help and your efford in order to allow the pilots to be safe !
    I appreciate so much your work

    • Pietro,

      If there are any topics that you’d like me to cover in the free lesson material, please let me know. I love what I do and I want to provide material that pilots and controllers are looking for.

  • Very nice interview sad story about that f-16 I can’t imagine how a person can be found in 120 different parts. I think than everybody involved or not involved in the aviation industry should know something about safety and rescue.

  • HI. This is Jiehyen Lim from Jacksonville, Florida Stage College. I would like to interview with you for my project, but I couldn’t find the contact information.

  • Hi my name is Fernando Medeiros from Brazil! Congratulations for your work Mr.Green, thanks for help us to fly safe.

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