Interview with an air traffic controller Part 4

In Part 4 of this interview you will hear Bruce Jett Green talking about a catastrophic airforce event and the crew resource management training that followed as a result. Bruce also answers Alan’s question about terrorist and hijacking events.
Please learn the following words before listening to the interview.
camouflage – to hide the appearance of something in order to deceive the enemy
“blending into” the pine forest – the colour of the pine forest is the same as the plane, therefore the plane is hidden
clipped the wing – cut slightly by bumping into it
superficial damage – minor damage
capabilities – what you are able to do at a certain time
“living in a different world” – we are now living in a world which has changed due to this event
“hats off to the guys an girls” – I give respect and thanks to the people
adrenaline – a hormone that helps the body meet physical or emotional stress
“deem them to be cause worthy” – the situation requires the necessary action

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