Runway Incursions

In this Aviation English lesson presentation you will learn some vocabulary associated with the topic. You will also practice your listening comprehension of a Captains’s statement regarding a runway incursion at Chicago O’hare Airport. The short grammar focus is on the Present Perfect tense, and you will practice using this tense by answering questions about an FAA documentary on ‘enhancing runway markings’ to prevent runway incursions.

An interctive version of this lesson with additional activities is also available, please leave me a comment if you’d be interested in seeing it, as it is part of an E-learning aviation English course.

Enjoy the lesson!

5 comments On Runway Incursions

  • This presentation shows us that we have to pay attention to the aircrafts moving. All the time, if we have an aircraft rolling it can get a risk. I’m a Air Traffic Controller. I think it’s a pretty good lesson. So long!!

  • Thanks and presentation were great and will help in decreasing the runways incursion by increasing the awareness.Really the information on this website are helpful.

  • Really helpful and interesting, I am getting more aviation vocabulary and at the same time I am improving my listening and pronunciation skills, very nice, I really congratulate you …..this is what I was looking for!!!!!Good job!!!!!

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