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Tower Fire

Listen to this recording of a Tower Fire and the instructions going out to the aircraft in the vicinity. You really have to expect the unexpected at all times. The recording is courtesy of KDAL_tower_fire

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Alitalia Emergency Landing in Boston

If you are working hard on maintaining your aviation English level, some of the best practice for you will be to listen to authentic radio telephony communication of abnormal situations. Go to and listen to ‘interesting recordings’. New posts appear daily and links to news reports and related info will

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Aviation Security Situations

You are going to learn vocabulary on the topic of security, things you’ll find in and around the airport. You will also practice pronunciation of the new words in their plural form. IMPORTANT When you come to the first video exercise please click on this link to watch the video

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Air China 981 “Who was to blame?”

You may have heard of the miscommunication incident that occured between a JFK controller and Air China 981 back in 2006. The plane was taxiing to the gate and could not understand the instructions given to him. When you read the Youtube comments about the incident it is clear that

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