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Lasers blind pilots in Russia

A FREE aviation English vocabulary and comprehension lesson on the topic of lasers blinding pilots in Russia. You will learn the words heard in the report at the beginning of the video. You will then listen to the report while reading the important points of the story.

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Interview with an Air Traffic Controller Part 3

In part 3 of the interview with Jett Green, you will hear him talking about a funny experience he had as a young air traffic controller. He also talks in detail about a hazardous experience when 2 jets came within feet of colliding and how loss of situational awareness and

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Interview with an Air Traffic Controller part 1

Alan from is interviewing Jett Green, an air traffic controller, about his career and experiences. In Part 1 he is talking about how it all began, working in the military and a few challenges that he encountered. Here is a list of some vocabulary that you will hear in

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Alitalia Emergency Landing in Boston

If you are working hard on maintaining your aviation English level, some of the best practice for you will be to listen to authentic radio telephony communication of abnormal situations. Go to and listen to ‘interesting recordings’. New posts appear daily and links to news reports and related info will

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ATC – Taking the children to work

Here is an aviation English video lesson. You will learn the job responsibilities of an air traffic controller; listen to what happened when an air traffic controller took his children to work; and you’ll also practice your listening comprehension skills when you answer questions about the report about the incident.

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