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Aviation English Birdstrike communication

In this FREE aviation English lesson you will listen to real communication between a pilot and a controller of a Thomson Fly plane which experienced a birdstrike. You will fill in the gaps and improve your understanding of Radio Telephony. To further improve your aviation English, please see this course:

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Interview with an Air Traffic Controller Part 3

In part 3 of the interview with Jett Green, you will hear him talking about a funny experience he had as a young air traffic controller. He also talks in detail about a hazardous experience when 2 jets came within feet of colliding and how loss of situational awareness and

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Aviation English E-learning

Rachel Shieff from Practice ICAO English discusses the argument for and against E-learning for Aviation English. You will find out the advantages of E-learning and hear evidence of its effectiveness. You will also find out why some pilots are resistant to E-learning and what airlines can do to help pilots

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Interview with an Air Traffic Controller part 2

You will hear Bruce Jett Green talking about how his career as an air traffic controller started; what it takes to be an air traffic controller and the stress and multi-tasking that controllers face every day. We have an interactive aviation English course on our website that gives you the

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Interview with an Air Traffic Controller part 1

Alan from is interviewing Jett Green, an air traffic controller, about his career and experiences. In Part 1 he is talking about how it all began, working in the military and a few challenges that he encountered. Here is a list of some vocabulary that you will hear in

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Runway Incursion, Providence Rhode Island

Operational and Human Factors Involved in the Providence Rhode Island Runway Incursions Knowledge of plain English and standard phraseology does help prevent runway incursions, but below you can read about some other factors contributing to incursions that affect all nationalities of pilots, including native English speakers. Communication Runway incursions are

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Aviation Security

This is part1 of an Aviation English lesson on the topic of Security. The language studied in this lesson will be helpful to you if you are preparing for your ICAO English proficiency test. Take your time going through the video lesson and then try to put some of the vocabulary to

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