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“Run out of”

In this very short aviation English vocabulary presentation you will learn the meaning of “run out of” and see it used in 4 example sentences.  The audio can be heard too.

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Beach landing!

You will learn the vocabulary needed to talk about the only airport in the world where scheduled planes land on the beach. At high tide, the runways are under water. You will also listen to a pilot describing his experience of flying into this airport and landing on the beach.

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Inside the cockpit 2

In this video lesson you will listen to the ATC communication and to the Captain and take notes. You will then listen to audio questions to check your understanding of aviation English. You will be able to see the text of the questions and the answers.

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Inside the cockpit 1

You are going to check your aviation English listening skills by watching an excellent video of a flight to Insbruck and answering questions. The Captain describes the Flight deck instruments. The recording is good quality, so understanding is easy.

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Lasers blind pilots in Russia

A FREE aviation English vocabulary and comprehension lesson on the topic of lasers blinding pilots in Russia. You will learn the words heard in the report at the beginning of the video. You will then listen to the report while reading the important points of the story.

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What Airport Vehicles?

Learn the aviation English words for vehicles that you will see at airports. Your knowledge of what you have learned will be tested at the end of this short FREE lesson. Aviation English Lesson – Airport Vehicles More PowerPoint presentations from Rachel Shieff

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Interview with an Air Traffic Controller part 2

You will hear Bruce Jett Green talking about how his career as an air traffic controller started; what it takes to be an air traffic controller and the stress and multi-tasking that controllers face every day. We have an interactive aviation English course on our website that gives you the

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Runway Incursions

In this Aviation English lesson presentation you will learn some vocabulary associated with the topic. You will also practice your listening comprehension of a Captains’s statement regarding a runway incursion at Chicago O’hare Airport. The short grammar focus is on the Present Perfect tense, and you will practice using this

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ATC – Taking the children to work

Here is an aviation English video lesson. You will learn the job responsibilities of an air traffic controller; listen to what happened when an air traffic controller took his children to work; and you’ll also practice your listening comprehension skills when you answer questions about the report about the incident.

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Aviation Security

This is part1 of an Aviation English lesson on the topic of Security. The language studied in this lesson will be helpful to you if you are preparing for your ICAO English proficiency test. Take your time going through the video lesson and then try to put some of the vocabulary to

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