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Future of Flying

Flying For The Future This aviation English video comprehension lesson is fun and informative. You will learn some important facts about the future of flying in European skies and you’ll also check your aviation English listening comprehension. FLYING FOR THE FUTURE More PowerPoint presentations from Rachel Shieff

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Runway Incursion

Watch the runway incursion as it unfolds, courtesy of To find out how to communicate in situations like these, visit

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Lasers blind pilots in Russia

A FREE aviation English vocabulary and comprehension lesson on the topic of lasers blinding pilots in Russia. You will learn the words heard in the report at the beginning of the video. You will then listen to the report while reading the important points of the story.

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Aviation English Birdstrike communication

In this FREE aviation English lesson you will listen to real communication between a pilot and a controller of a Thomson Fly plane which experienced a birdstrike. You will fill in the gaps and improve your understanding of Radio Telephony. To further improve your aviation English, please see this course:

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Aviation English – Birdstrike

In this FREE aviation English lesson you will learn the words to talk about a real birdstrike that happened in Manchester Airport, England. You will watch a video of the event and test your understanding by answering questions. You can find more materials here on this aviation English blog –

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Inglés para Aviación

Aprende y practica el inglés de aviación que necesitas para aprobar el examen de inglés OACI nivel 4 o superior. Si te gustaría recibir ayuda y consejo experto por favor ponte en contacto con nosotros en o en nuestra pagina

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