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Pilot Ejects

Listen to this brave pilot’s story and answer the questions that follow to practice your listening comprehension skills. The pilot, Capt. Brian Bews was able to safely eject before the CF-18 Hornet exploded on impact.  He was set to perform at the Alberta International Air Show this weekend, when the

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Funny ATC!

Here is a funny ATC communication. You will learn some plain English that you may never hear again, but it is entertaining. Listen to the communication and read the dialogue.

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Crazy take off

Watch the video and then using your best aviation English describe the dangers of taking off in such severe weather conditions. Write your description in the comment box below; I’ll then be able to give you some comments on your English level. I can contact you on the blog or …

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Take off ATC

Watch the video and listen to the real ATC. What flight level did the controller instruct the pilot to climb to and what squawk code did he give?

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Most dangerous airport

This airport is considered to be the most dangerous in the world. Watch the video, and then using the words below, write why you think it is the most dangerous. A sample answer is below the video.

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Fire in the control tower

Watch this short news report of the fire that broke out in the control tower at “Love Airport” Dallas. You can then click the link below the video to listen to the LIVE ATC that was recorded during the event. This kind of incident does not happen very often.

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Runway Incursion

Watch the runway incursion as it unfolds, courtesy of To find out how to communicate in situations like these, visit

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Inglés para Aviación

Aprende y practica el inglés de aviación que necesitas para aprobar el examen de inglés OACI nivel 4 o superior. Si te gustaría recibir ayuda y consejo experto por favor ponte en contacto con nosotros en o en nuestra pagina

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