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Pilot Ejects

Listen to this brave pilot’s story and answer the questions that follow to practice your listening comprehension skills. The pilot, Capt. Brian Bews was able to safely eject before the CF-18 Hornet exploded on impact.  He was set to perform at the Alberta International Air Show this weekend, when the

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Difficult landing

Watch this video. Why would take off and landing at this airport be difficult? Write your answer below. Please, follow the link below to read more information about Jesenwang Airport

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Funny ATC!

Here is a funny ATC communication. You will learn some plain English that you may never hear again, but it is entertaining. Listen to the communication and read the dialogue.

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Listen to the ATC recording and practice and improve your comprehension by reading the text of the communication. The presentation runs automatically once started.

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Beach landing!

You will learn the vocabulary needed to talk about the only airport in the world where scheduled planes land on the beach. At high tide, the runways are under water. You will also listen to a pilot describing his experience of flying into this airport and landing on the beach.

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Take off ATC

Watch the video and listen to the real ATC. What flight level did the controller instruct the pilot to climb to and what squawk code did he give?

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Most dangerous airport

This airport is considered to be the most dangerous in the world. Watch the video, and then using the words below, write why you think it is the most dangerous. A sample answer is below the video.

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