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Difficult landing

Watch this video. Why would take off and landing at this airport be difficult? Write your answer below. Please, follow the link below to read more information about Jesenwang Airport

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Callsign Confusion

This is the first in a series of 12 short videos about the reasons for miscommunication between pilots and controllers. To improve your English skills for accurate communication, please see the demo of the’Practice ICAO English’ course by clicking the link.

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Crazy take off

Watch the video and then using your best aviation English describe the dangers of taking off in such severe weather conditions. Write your description in the comment box below; I’ll then be able to give you some comments on your English level. I can contact you on the blog or …

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Beach landing!

You will learn the vocabulary needed to talk about the only airport in the world where scheduled planes land on the beach. At high tide, the runways are under water. You will also listen to a pilot describing his experience of flying into this airport and landing on the beach.

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Fire in the cockpit!

Our friends at Pilots Fluency have just posted an interesting VIDEO: a REAL PILOT STORY: FIRE IN THE COCKPIT! It`s worth watching it! There are very good lessons in this video and plenty of opportunity to check your aviation English listening comprehension. This video is brought to you by AOPA.

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Aviation English Birdstrike communication

In this FREE aviation English lesson you will listen to real communication between a pilot and a controller of a Thomson Fly plane which experienced a birdstrike. You will fill in the gaps and improve your understanding of Radio Telephony. To further improve your aviation English, please see this course:

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What Airport Vehicles?

Learn the aviation English words for vehicles that you will see at airports. Your knowledge of what you have learned will be tested at the end of this short FREE lesson. Aviation English Lesson – Airport Vehicles More PowerPoint presentations from Rachel Shieff

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Tower Fire

Listen to this recording of a Tower Fire and the instructions going out to the aircraft in the vicinity. You really have to expect the unexpected at all times. The recording is courtesy of KDAL_tower_fire

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Interview with an Air Traffic Controller Part 3

In part 3 of the interview with Jett Green, you will hear him talking about a funny experience he had as a young air traffic controller. He also talks in detail about a hazardous experience when 2 jets came within feet of colliding and how loss of situational awareness and

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Aviation English E-learning

Rachel Shieff from Practice ICAO English discusses the argument for and against E-learning for Aviation English. You will find out the advantages of E-learning and hear evidence of its effectiveness. You will also find out why some pilots are resistant to E-learning and what airlines can do to help pilots

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