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Hole torn in plane fuselage

In this story we see the newest case of metal fatigue leading to an emergency landing for South West Airlines. It was a terrifying experience for all onboard, but as you see in this video, the pilots knew exactly what to do and managed to land the plane safely.

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Runway Incursion, Providence Rhode Island

Operational and Human Factors Involved in the Providence Rhode Island Runway Incursions Knowledge of plain English and standard phraseology does help prevent runway incursions, but below you can read about some other factors contributing to incursions that affect all nationalities of pilots, including native English speakers. Communication Runway incursions are

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Aviation Security Situations

You are going to learn vocabulary on the topic of security, things you’ll find in and around the airport. You will also practice pronunciation of the new words in their plural form. IMPORTANT When you come to the first video exercise please click on this link to watch the video

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Aviation Security

This is part1 of an Aviation English lesson on the topic of Security. The language studied in this lesson will be helpful to you if you are preparing for your ICAO English proficiency test. Take your time going through the video lesson and then try to put some of the vocabulary to

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