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Pilot Ejects

Listen to this brave pilot’s story and answer the questions that follow to practice your listening comprehension skills. The pilot, Capt. Brian Bews was able to safely eject before the CF-18 Hornet exploded on impact.  He was set to perform at the Alberta International Air Show this weekend, when the

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Difficult landing

Watch this video. Why would take off and landing at this airport be difficult? Write your answer below. Please, follow the link below to read more information about Jesenwang Airport

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Listen to the ATC recording and practice and improve your comprehension by reading the text of the communication. The presentation runs automatically once started.

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Inside the cockpit 1

You are going to check your aviation English listening skills by watching an excellent video of a flight to Insbruck and answering questions. The Captain describes the Flight deck instruments. The recording is good quality, so understanding is easy.

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Fire in the cockpit!

Our friends at Pilots Fluency have just posted an interesting VIDEO: a REAL PILOT STORY: FIRE IN THE COCKPIT! It`s worth watching it! There are very good lessons in this video and plenty of opportunity to check your aviation English listening comprehension. This video is brought to you by AOPA.

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Aviation English – Birdstrike

In this FREE aviation English lesson you will learn the words to talk about a real birdstrike that happened in Manchester Airport, England. You will watch a video of the event and test your understanding by answering questions. You can find more materials here on this aviation English blog –

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Aviation Security Situations

You are going to learn vocabulary on the topic of security, things you’ll find in and around the airport. You will also practice pronunciation of the new words in their plural form. IMPORTANT When you come to the first video exercise please click on this link to watch the video

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