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Callsign Confusion

This is the first in a series of 12 short videos about the reasons for miscommunication between pilots and controllers. To improve your English skills for accurate communication, please see the demo of the’Practice ICAO English’ course by clicking the link.

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Interview with an air traffic controller Part 4

In Part 4 of this interview you will hear Bruce Jett Green talking about a catastrophic airforce event and the crew resource management training that followed as a result. Bruce also answers Alan’s question about terrorist and hijacking events. Please learn the following words before listening to the interview. camouflage

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Aviation English Birdstrike communication

In this FREE aviation English lesson you will listen to real communication between a pilot and a controller of a Thomson Fly plane which experienced a birdstrike. You will fill in the gaps and improve your understanding of Radio Telephony. To further improve your aviation English, please see this course:

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Visit SKYbrary. It’s a great place to go for aviation safety resources. You’ll learn the important words and knowledge required for dealing with normal and abnormal situations and it’s full of videos, pictures, reports and articles that will keep you interested. SKYbrary

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