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What Airport Vehicles?

Learn the aviation English words for vehicles that you will see at airports. Your knowledge of what you have learned will be tested at the end of this short FREE lesson.

About Rachel

I started off my aviation English career in Hong Kong, where I worked as an English specialist with Cathay Pacific. I was responsible for designing and developing aviation English resources for ground crew, cabin crew and pilots. I also co-designed the CX language proficiency test for licensing purposes. In 2008 I moved to Jerez de La Frontera in Spain where I headed the aviation English department at Flight Training Europe. I developed foundation aviation English courses to prepare abinitio pilots for their ATPL courses. The ICAO English proficiency test which I designed was the first to be approved by the UKCAA. I am now in charge of content development at Practice ICAO English. We provide interactive and engaging E-learning aviation English courses, as well as many free lessons for our growing community of pilots and controllers.

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  1. Great. Very useful!! Keep up the good work.

  2. I like the lower level lessons 😉

    Who else does? Put your name below…

  3. So wonderful! Free lesson help me learn Aviation English effectively. Thank you.

  4. settouti fatima ezzahra

    very useful , and helpful to know these vehicules!
    thank u Rachel ^^

  5. very useful, thanks for giving nice information.

  6. thanks so much! very interesting!! very good practice keep me informed!

  7. Good lesson,but I’d like that the lesson come with the sound of pronunciation,this teachs us how to pronunce end make easy to memorize.thank you very much.


    I really couldn’t imagine that there were so many vehicles at an airport, helpful material which I’ll make use with my students. Thanks


    Thanks very much! very interesting!! very good practice keep me informed!

  10. Thiago Catão

    Good post, i never thought about those vehicles names, i always saw them in the airpots but now i know there names, very interesting !

  11. easy & interesting, we never learn enough,keep going.

  12. Very cool!!!


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